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Stop Pain, Swelling, Bruising On Bumps and Sprains with Acupressure

Don’t you know that through acupressure, you can stop pain, swelling and bruising on bumps and sprains?

Well, acupressure actually helps you to deal with these. Right after a bump, a bruise or sprain, you can begin using the acupressure. And in contrary to what others believe in, never ever apply ice. Why? Because this will only constricts the blood flow, thus retain swelling and bruising in the affected area.

Here are the things you MUST do:

Elevate the injured part high enough to allow the blood flow back to the lungs and to the heart. You also do this to push the accumulated blood out of the area which is injured.

Apply pressure with your thumb and start doing this at the edges of the injured area. Hold each spot for five to seven seconds. This might be quite painful for the injured person. But, the result is worth the pain.

Work on putting pressure from the edges to the very center of the injury (even if the skin is broken).

Apply hard pressure many times for several minutes depending on the extent of the injury. Have someone else to apply the pressure since the natural flexes of your body would not allow too much hurting.

Now, gently exercise the injured part while still on the elevated position and then on normal position. You will feel pain free after a short rest and you can be back on action again! That’s basically it!

You must keep in mind that though these instructions can be followed even if a bone is cracked or broken, it is not recommended that you
set your own broken bones. Seeking the help of experts can be your best option in the first place.

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